“I’m not Superboy, I’m the Metropolis Kid!”

Alternatively, you could always just call me Jaeden. I’m a third year student in the York University / Sheridan College joint design program, with a focus in UI / UX and marketing / branding.

My goal when designing is creating recognizable user interfaces that are easy for people to navigate and interact with, along with marketing materials that create a strong, memorable, and recognizable brand. Much of my design work is inspired by the world of comic books, which I feel is incredibly influenced by - and influences - graphic design.

Outside of design I enjoy theorizing about the convoluted lore of the Kingdom Hearts videogame series, reading comic books from DC and Image (Young Justice is my favourite), and helping run the social media and branding end of the Toronto Comic Book Club.

If you have any questions about my portfolio, or maybe want to recommend a book for Toronto Comic Book Club, send me an email.

Finally, in case you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to my current resume.