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Oct - Ongoing

It’s like a book club, but for comics!

The Toronto Comic Book Club was started by Cathal O’Halloran back in September of 2018, and I joined shortly after it began in October of 2018. Since then I’ve been responsible for the branding and style of the club, which includes twitter and Facebook banner images, business cards, flyers, and posters. I also help with their social media accounts. This is an ongoing “project” and as such this page will regularly change to include any new designs created, as well as be revised if the style of the club ever changes.

Style Guide & Logo Treatment

Designing a logo for the club was difficult, and I opted for a simple type treatment so as to clearly communicate what the club was. Along with this, I wanted to create an identifiable colour scheme and feel to the brand, pulling inspiration from the panel layouts and colours found frequently in comics. Cyan, Red and Yellow are all frequently seen in superhero costume designs because it made the comics easier to print, so I decided to focus on those three along with 100% black. Since the yellow isn’t accessible and easily legible, I’ve opted to use it as an accent to black text, as a sort of homage to the style of Watchmen.

Style Guide.png

The spacing I’ve implemented around the logo has also been used throughout the material to decide text spacing and line width, with borders being the whole width of the spacing square and inner lines being half that.

Flyers & Business Cards

All flyers and business cards have a cyan, red, black and yellow-black variation.


Social Media

Banners for the the Facebook and Twitter accounts are a convenient way to quickly show off a form of this months schedule, relaying basic information without users having to search for it. Since comic book covers are included in the covers, the most common colour chosen tends to be black as that works well with most options; for the month of March though I’ve offered red as a possible alternative, since it works as an accent to the covers of Mr. Miracle and Captain Marvel.