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Hi, I'm Jaeden!

I'm a multidisciplinary designer passionate about brand identity, editorial design work and marketing.

I also really enjoy film and photography!

Ontario Place

The goal of this Ontario Place rebranding was to create a relaxing, inviting and engaging new brand identity to attract people to this exciting recreational green space. 

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Motion Design

Two of my motion design projects. I try to create stylish, interesting animation that pulls the viewer in and really emphasizes the themes present in text and audio.

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Rum Runner

A rum-forward cocktail book celebrating a variety of drinks to enjoy during the summer months. Every drink was meticulously crafted and photographed to give it a sophisticated style.

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SOL - Light Therapy

SOL is a smart light-therapy lamp with an accompanying app that was designed in a way to help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder without looking like an obvious medical device. 

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